How We Are Meeting Needs Right Now

The United Way works to support and fill gaps in human services across Gaston County with funding, volunteers, and collections. We fight for the Health, Education, and Financial Stability of everyone in Gaston County.

We communicate with organizations who are on the front lines of helping the vulnerable members of our community. We encourage collaboration between these organizations, area businesses, and the public. Working together, we are able to accomplish more.


United Way grants funding to programs operating in Gaston County through allocations each year. Funding is decided with an eye on the successful outcomes that result. We use three focus areas to direct our available funding. Below is how we define and measure success in programs we help fund.


Successful Outcomes in Education

  1. Young children succeed in school
  2. Middle and High school students move through grade progression to graduation
  3. Students of all ages continue to learn and acquire marketable job/career skills


Successful Outcomes in Financial Stability (Crisis Assistance)

  1. Meet short term crisis needs for members of the community
  2. Increase self-sufficiency/decrease poverty in those who are in financial crisis


Successful Outcomes in Financial Stability (Long Term Financial Stability)

  1. Increase financial self-sufficiency
  2. Increase proficiency in money management
  3. Prolong periods of employment

Successful Outcomes in Health

  1. Clients and their families are aware of health choices available in community
  2. Families living with illness receive services and products to improve quality of life
  3. Increase use of lower levels of healthcare and decrease emergency room visits/hospital stays

Allocations are the funds distributed by United Way through our grant application process. For the 2019-2020 fiscal year we will distribute $1,015,629.

In Education: $488,330
In Financial Stability: $326,806
In Health: $200,493