Gastonia, N.C. – As the spring season comes in and the scent of flowers begins to fill the air, the United Way of Gaston County is extending a heartfelt call to the community to support our aging adults. This spring, as we prepare to give, we encourage everyone to remember our aging adults who are often overlooked and often need support. The United Way of Gaston County is calling upon the generosity of the community to share their support this season by extending kindness to our senior citizens.

United Way is proud to announce its first “Senior Spring Clean” program for the spring season. This initiative is designed to assist local senior citizens aged sixty (60) and above by offering cleaning products and self-care items. Building on the success of our Senior Christmas Wishes program, which has supported over 300 senior citizens annually in the past three years, this new endeavor supports our commitment to the well-being of Gaston County’s aging population. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the community members, donors, and partners whose generous contributions and donations continue to drive our mission forward.

We are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with City Church aimed at enhancing the impact of our program. Pastor Dickie Spargo, known for his compassion and dedication to serving the community, is a valued partner in our efforts. City Church, under the leadership of Pastor Spargo, has a long-standing commitment to community service. Their members embrace a spirit of generosity and have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to work with us to support aging adults in Gaston County. The collaboration between the United Way and City Church signifies a united commitment to serving the community to address critical needs.

Also, dedicated to serving the needs of Gaston County residents, we extend our gratitude to Sharonview Federal Credit Union for their generous support. Sharonview Federal Credit Union, located in Gastonia, has also played a role in our community outreach efforts by collecting essential items for aging seniors at their branch. “We are incredibly grateful for the support of City Church and Sharonview Federal Credit Union,” said Andrea Stephens, President of United Way. Their partnership and dedication to our community highlight the impact we can achieve when we work together.”
Andrea Stephens, President of United Way, expressed, “the change of the season often brings moments of reflection, and in this case warmer weather and renewal. As the beautiful flowers begin to bloom this Senior Spring Clean program is another example of the United Way’s mission to unite our community in caring for one another. It is through the support of our community, alongside the dedicated efforts of the United Way team, board of directors, and volunteers, that we aim to bring a fresh renewal to the lives of the most vulnerable senior citizens.”

If you or someone you know is a senior citizen aged sixty (60) and above who would like to request a gift, please contact the United Way office at 704.864.4554 ext. 106 or 704.864.4554 ext. 108. You can also find the application on our website here. The application period this year is open until March 29, 2024. If you are interested in sponsoring a senior citizen or want to donate, please contact the United Way office at 704.864.4554 ext. 108.

“We recognize our senior citizens have needs year-round. The items we are preparing for the Senior Spring Clean program reflect the requests from the Christmas Wish list. No matter how you choose to give, demonstrating kindness and support from the heart, is the way to build a stronger and more caring community,” emphasized Stephens.

Here are some ways you can support the 2024 United Way Senior Spring Clean program:

  • Collect Items: Gather paper towels, toilet paper, Lysol spray, fragrance free detergent, dish washing liquid, sponges, bathroom cleaner spray, dust cloths, personal care items (examples: Dove soap, Dove lotion, etc.) and other requested items for senior citizens at your workplace/organization. Collections will run from February 19th until March 22nd.
  • Volunteer: Join us at the United Way of Gaston County office to assist in sorting and packaging gifts.
  • Make a Donation: Your generous contributions, regardless of the amount, can make a significant difference. Please make checks payable to the United Way of Gaston County and indicate “Senior Spring Clean” program in the memo line. Mail donations to 200 East Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia, NC 28052.

Together, we can make this spring season truly special for our cherished senior citizens in Gaston County. Let’s spread comfort and compassion throughout our community.

For additional Information, please contact: Andrea Stephens, President
United Way of Gaston County
Phone 704.864.4554 ext. 106
Cynthia Stitt,
Community Engagement Coordinator
Phone 704.864.4554 ext. 108